Man Leads Evansville Police On Chase In Mini-Van
Tuesday afternoon brought some 'big city' excitement to Evansville, as a 23 year old man lead police on a high speed chase. And for that unique 'Evansville twist' to the story, he was driving a mini-van.
It’s Thanksgiving!
And just in case you were feeling a little guilty about eating that bird that deliciously sits on the table... don't be.
These suckers want nothing more than to slowly "chase" you down the street while you hold a camera.  They think everyone is with TMZ.
Please Help This Little Boy
I realize that we put a lot of silly stuff on this website. Sometimes we even try and trick you and make you think it's serious, only to find out that it really is silly. WELL THIS IS VERY SERIOUS, AND NOT A JOKE.
This little boy is Chase, he is 2 years old and just found out he has a form of brain c…