Worst Halloween Mom Ever
Halloween was last weekend. If you're anything like me, you hope that not enough kids come around so that you can enjoy all that candy you bought.
Or you're like the mother in this video.
One YouTube user set up the jackpot of any Halloween night...
List of Halloween Candy For Those with Allergies
Halloween is an amazing holiday for many reasons. One reason that pretty much anyone of any age can agree on is CANDY. Unfortunately, some kids are allergic to certain candies (peanut, soy, and more recently gluten). So I found a list of what candies are safe for people with certain allergies so tha…
Fun Facts About Easter Candy
Easter Candy: You Love it. We love it. Your hyperactive children love it. There's nothing like stuffing your mug with a few Cadbury Cream Eggs before breakfast.
But did you know...?
The Coolest, Craziest Novelty Easter Candies
Easter has become synonymous with delicious Cadbury eggs, pastel-hued candies, oval jellybeans and giant, hollow bunnies crafted from tasty milk chocolate. In order to compete with the masses, candy companies have had to step up their game when it comes to novelty Easter candy...