The Veer Union vs. Brookroyal – Rocktagon
Tonight marks a full week and a sixth appearance for Brookroyal in the Rocktagon. They'll finish the week facing The Veer Union. Vote now and listen for the winner tonight at 9, during Nocturnal Emissions.
Prospect Hill vs. Brookroyal – Rocktagon
After a very close match, Brookroyal pulled off another win in last night's Rocktagon. One their 5th night they'll face off against yet another GBF newcomer, Prospect Hill. Voting begins now, and I'll have the winner coming up at 9 during Nocturnal Emissions....
Sideshow Romance vs. Brookroyal – Rocktagon
Brookroyal survives another round in the Rocktagon. Last night we had a record number of votes for the week, so lets try to do it again! Tonight Brookroyal will face off against local band Sideshow Romance. Vote now, winner after 9 tonight during Nocturnal Emissions...
Lansdowne vs. Brookroyal – Rocktagon
Brookroyal makes it to night two after a landslide victory over 12 Stones. Tonight they return to the Rocktagon to face off against GBF newcomer, Lansdowne. Vote for the best now, and listen for the winner tonight after 9.
Brookroyal vs. 12 Stones – Rocktagon
In a surprising end of the week upset, Brookroyal ended Chevelle's streak to become Rocktagon champ. Brookroyal will start the week facing off against 12 Stones. Vote now and listen for the winner tonight after 9 during Nocturnal Emissions. ...
Chevelle vs. Brookroyal – Rocktagon
Trivium proved no match to Chevelle last night, bring the latter to its 3rd appearance in the GBF Rocktagon this week. Tonight, Chevelle will take on new rock from Brookroyal. Vote here and listen for the winner tonight at 9.