Breaking Bad

The Best Moments From the 2012 Emmys
If you cut about 90% or so out of last night's Emmy Awards, they were actually pretty entertaining. Here's a recap of the entertaining stuff that happened, or, as we like to call it, the "good version" of last night's awards ceremony.
Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Talks About PIR Appearance
Dane Cook was right, the Price Is Right is medicinal. No matter how much I was hurling, Bob Barker made any sick day better. Maybe its the draw of a Best Buy name tag, or the promise of playing Plinko, the show has had a few surprising appearances.
‘Breaking Bad’ As An Old School Nintendo Game
Breaking Bad is an immensely popular show on AMC.  Full disclosure, I've actually never seen it.  I have heard it's "must see" and stuff so I will have to get caught up eventually.  They are into their fourth season and this hypothetical game, that I would …