Black Sabbath

Bats Put a Stop to Ozzy Osbourne’s Home Renovations
Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne and his reputation with bats go way back with the sordid tale of the Prince of Darkness biting the head off of a bat during a live performance. Even though the event proved to be an accident with Osbourne thinking the bat was a rubber toy, the infamy surrounding th…
Black Sabbath ‘Far Too Busy’ To Think About Another Album
Most people in their mid-60s are thinking about retirement, but Black Sabbath are riding a wave of popularity and nonstop activity thanks to the success of last year's album '13.' The disc was so well received that fans want to know if and when the band will record another album.
Black Sabbath Optimistic About Another Album
Black Sabbath have been fairly non-committal about their next album, choosing to be cautious rather than pinning down specific plans, but those hoping for more music after the '13' success story can get a little excited about comments they made at the Grammy Awards, where they won the trop…
Black Sabbath and Converse Team Up for Footwear Collection
When it comes to band merchandise, t-shirts and hoodies are pretty standard. Every band has those. Lately, a few bands have been unveiling their own lines of footwear. Making the newest entry into the shoe business are the legendary Black Sabbath, who are collaborating with Converse for a line …

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