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Best of 2011 Remix
Like I's New Year's Eve and time to look back at things that were humorous and specific to 2011.
Your move 2012.
Best News Bloopers of 2011
It's New Year's Eve...thus it is now or never to reflect back on the 'best of' stuff out there. Exhibit A, the best 'News Bloopers of the year'. Some of these were found in a similar posting of mine a few days back but people messing up never gets redundant.
Best Viral Videos of 2011 Compliation
Now that we are on the other side of Xmas...I will give you what you really want.  Maybe.
It's a collection of all those things that were popular and interesting on the Internet this year, at least they were for a few minutes. It's an illustration that there is a lot of mental illness …
Best Fails of 2011
At this time of year, it's inevitable that you will be inundated with 'Best of' stuff out the 'ol wazoo.  No matter the time of the year, it's always fun to watch someone not succeed at something that you can laugh at from afar.
TV’s Best Worst Very Special Episodes
That headline just blew my mind. I'm going to need a second...
*takes drink of Scotch, shakes head*
I didn't do that because of my mind getting blown, it's my regular Monday afternoon ritual. Yep.
Best Places in Evansville for a Bachelor Party
A bachelor party, to some people, is a last ditch hurrah of celebrating your transition to being an "adult." I can't tell you how many times people have told me once you get married that you actually become an adult. Well, if to get married is to become an adult, then a bachelor party is g…