Who’s Gonna Win Tonight – IU or UK?
I think it's safe to say that one of the most anticipated and most watched games in the entire NCAA tournament will take place tonight, when IU and UK rematch for a spot in the Elite 8. UK fans haven't forgotten how the previous meeting with IU ended...because Hoosier fans won't let t…
Scoring 71 Points and Still Losing by 4….
After scoring 71 points, Anders Broman and his team from Minnesota , still lost by 4 points. Anders is  a Junior at Lakeview Christian Academy, final score of this basketball game was 114-110 against Melrose High.
Basketball Vs. Frisbee in a Trick Shot Battle
I am always impressed by the different trick shot videos out there, whether it's with a football, basketball, frisbee, etc. But I must admit that the cynic in me still has a hard time believing that it's all legit.
Bosse High School Player ranked #10 by ESPNU
Bosse High School hoopster Jaquan Lyle, already may have received more early publicity than any Evansville high school basketball player in memory, if not the city's entire sports history.  Lyle, a 6-foot-4, 185-pounder who just completed his freshman year at Bosse, was ranked No. 10 in the 2014 rec…
NCAA Basketball Tournament – The Road to the Final Four
It's been a pretty wild ride to this year's NCAA Basketball Final Four in Houston. Lots of drama, lots of upsets, and the most unlikely group of teams to ever survive all the way to college basketball's last weekend. Here are some photos, from the 2011 edition of the NCAA Men's…
ESPN Employees Banned From Filling Out NCAA Tournament Brackets
In workplaces all over America, folks spent Thursday morning scrambling to get their NCAA tournament brackets filled out before it was too late.
Not so at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut.  That's because employees at ESPN -- which had been promoting its bracket challenge front and…
NCAA Tournament Cheerleaders Preview [PHOTOS]
When you are watching the NCAA Tournament this month, expect to see many shots of cheerleaders, particularly during timeouts. And why not? These young (mostly) ladies are athletes in their own right, and add a lot to the ambiance. Here's a preview of the cheerleading squads that will be represe…

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