How I Remember 9/11 – Bobby’s Story
I realize that on this day lots of folks are going to post things about where they were when they heard about or saw the events on September 11, 2001...and I think that's ok. I think it's important to stop for a minute and remember that day...not just where you were or what you were doing,…
Way To Ruin A Moment, Douche
I would never think that a decade after the worst terrorist attack in US history, that I would witness what I did yesterday.
Man Calls 911 For Beer Emergency
Talk about a bizarre beer run.
The AP is reporting that Raymond Roberge of Bridgeport, CT, dialed 911 three times on Sunday. When authorities finally showed up to his house, the 65-year-old man gave them money "to go to the store and buy him some beer."