Turn Clocks Back at 2 AM Sunday – Daylight Savings
Daylight saving time will officially end at 2am this Sunday, November 4th. Make sure you set your clock BACK an hour before going to bed Saturday night. By the way for the record, so many people say daylight savings time which is incorrect; it is daylight saving time, singular... doesn't that d…
Best of 2011 Remix
Like I said...it's New Year's Eve and time to look back at things that were humorous and specific to 2011.
Your move 2012.
Best Fails of 2011
At this time of year, it's inevitable that you will be inundated with 'Best of' stuff out the 'ol wazoo.  No matter the time of the year, it's always fun to watch someone not succeed at something that you can laugh at from afar.
Carnival of Madness 2011
Starting in August the Carnival of Madness will snake its way through North America on 25 tour dates, 10 more than originally announced.