In a part of the country where the name French Lick doesn't even cause a Hoosier to bat their eye. I-69 doesn't even get a snicker. That's because the highway has been long needed in the southern portion of the state. 

Ask anyone who has been forced to crawl in traffic on Highway 41 up to Indy or have had to take the long I-64/I-65 route. The need for a direct route to our state capital has long been needed.

Work has already begun north of I-164 on the northern part of Vanderburgh county, but as of right now its a road to nowhere. Construction on a section of highway that would take it to Bloomington will be complete at the end of this year.

From there, its anyone's guess as to how long it will take to complete the route to the state capital. According to the Courier and Press funding will need to be found and a virtual 'roadblock' in Bloomington (due to environmental issues). Plus we all know how lawmakers from up north view projects in our portion of the state. They put stoplights on our 'expressway' for crying out loud but I bet they have no problem zipping around on the beltway in Indy.

This past weekend I took a trip up to Bloomington as I have done many times to attend functions at Indiana University (I'll use the term 'function' loosely). Once again I was stuck on a very curvy two-lane highway. At points the speed limit was 55, however in some towns that only extend 6 blocks the speed was reduced to 20. That's not to mention the sight-seeing couple on a motorcycle that didn't seem to care that their slow speed was causing around 15 vehicles to back up behind them.

I couldn't imagine why Bloomington wouldn't want a better route to the state's 3rd largest city. But then again, they already have their direct route to Indy.

If you look at a road map of Indiana, you probably notice their is a missing 'spoke' connecting this corner of the state to Indy. Personally, I think its past time to get the highway built. What do you think? Vote below!