Sometimes its hard to find commonalities between me and totally insane communist dictators. But if there is something me and Kim Jong Il share, its our keen ability to surf the web.

But when you get done with the plethora of adult entertainment on the web, what is there to look at? Hopefully this guide will steer you in the right direction. Right past all the 'cute kitten' pictures, and Justin Beiber fan tribute sites. So lets begin...

  • 1

    The Smoking Gun

    A virtual treasure trove of public documents. Everything from stupid criminals to stupid celebrities they've got it covered. Including the infamous Van Halen rider that specified no brown M&M's were to be found back stage (It also specified that the promoter has to provide one large tube of KY Jelly, fill in the blanks yourself). This site also features a game where you have to match up the mugshot to the crime. Its one of my many stops on my internet tour. Unfortunately, I think this site does more reporting work than CNN, MSNBC, and Fox combined. So its a good site to visit to catch up on newsworthy events.

  • 2

    Robot Unicorn Attack

    The best game online if you are lazy. All you gotta be able to do is hit the z and x button on your keyboard. Even a drunk monkey can do that, I assume. There are two versions of this game, but you will want to play the Metal version. The song that is played in the other version will be stuck in your head all day. You can also play Robot Unicorn Attack on your iPhone and through Facebook.

  • 3

    Funny Or Die

    The name of the site says it all. Every video posted on here gives you the option to vote whether it is funny or not. Unlike Youtube, where every funny video has at least 10 not funny videos. Created by a few of Hollywood's funniest people (Will Ferrell and Adam McKay to name a few), this site is awesome if you are just looking to laugh. The video which placed this site on the map, is The Landlord. Which featured a cussing and drunk toddler (McKay's daughter in real life). Seriously, what's better than that? Perhaps a midget in the UFC.

  • 4


    Remember all the fun of channel surfing before digital TV. You could just click and be on to something new in your journey through all the crap on cable. That fun is back with Stumbleupon. You can install the toolbar on just about any browser. Just select the 'subjects' you'd like to see, and you're off. This site is highly addictive and can lead to loss of sleep. Be prepared to find things on the internet that you never thought you would see. For instance, I stumbled across an article about Cannibalism and now I know what areas to avoid in the world on my next vacation. See, Stumbleupon can be helpful. 

  • 5

    Last FM

    Lets end this internet journey with one of my favorite music related sites. Its Facebook meets iTunes. With Last FM, you sign up for an account and you can install a program on your PC that will keep track (or scrobble) of the music you listen to. Last FM, will then suggest other bands to listen to based on the bands you listen to most. Not only that, but it will introduce you to your Neighbors, or other people who listen to the same music you do. And if that isn't enough, most bands have a page on Last FM. You can see tour dates and latest news. Its a pretty helpful companion for me when I'm in the studio, and it can help you discover new artists and keep track of the ones you already like! It is also a perfect compliment to our RadioPup app, cause it too features an app that you can install on your smart phone. Pretty nice if you're a music junkie like me.