So I finally took the leap and got myself a smart phone. I decided to go with a Droid instead of the iPhone, because I think they're a bit pretentious. That, and my severe hatred of Justin Long. After connecting my phone to wifi, I was introduced to the wide world of Droid Apps.

Unlike iPhone apps, Droid apps can be developed by anyone and placed in the market. It was designed to counteract the tight control that Apple places on its App Store. Links will be provided to each app, if you want to check them out.

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    Angry Birds

    The game everyone is talking about. Its inspiring birthday cakes, seriously. Its easy to play, unless you don't have fingers. And if that's the case, how did you plan on using your touch screen. Simple story line, the pigs stole an egg from the birds and they're pissed. So your job is to hurl them at the poorly constructed pig buildings. Sorry if I spoiled anything for you, in regards to the story line.

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    Lookout Mobile

    Like I said before, Droid is open so basically anyone can develop apps for it without restrictions. That also means that people can put spyware inside their apps. Lookout mobile is one of the top rated apps for protection against attacks like that. It also comes in a premium version, but I find that the free one works for me. Its also provides phone back up, as well as a GPS locator should your phone be lost.

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    Facebook for Android

    With over 1 million downloads, it is the number one app in the Droid market. It is, what it says it is. Yet another way to tether yourself to social networking. It allows you to update your location in 'Places'. It also lets you post pictures directly to your profile. So you can view your drunken night as it progressed, when you're hung over the next morning. Thanks internet.

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    News 25 Weather App

    Get current radar, warnings, and outside temperatures with this app from News 25. There are a lot of local weather and news apps, but I liked this one the most. It will also display the current temp in the top right corner of your droid phone. Far more accurate than some of the national sites that offer apps.

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    Google Sky

    Probably the coolest thing you'll see on app. Assuming you're a huge nerd like me. Its pretty simple, Google sky uses your current GPS location to determine what the sky above you looks like. Just point the back of your phone towards the sky, and Google Sky will show you constellations and stars. Its pretty bad ass to take out and night. Plus you'll look like a genius for knowing whats in the sky above you.