Everyone knows that one person that you don't invite to parties, because they just don't quite know how to act around people.  With these helpful tips hopefully this will stop you from becoming that person.

The people at DontBeThatGuyFilms have some pretty good videos out to help with your social life.  Just like this very informative video on how to properly high five. They even made this hilarious video about Doritos being the worlds most versatile chip.

In this video however, DontBeThatGuyFilms teaches you  how not to act during a superbowl party.   From telling you what not to wear, to explaining to you that people only watch the superbowl for the commercials so not to talk during them, they've pretty much covered everything.

I think my favorite is when they tell you not to "Tebow" at inappropriate times haha

Check out the hilarious video below!