It's no secret that I am a fan of pretty much all things 90's. Considering the fact that I was born in 1975, the 1990's pretty much covered the most important, formative time of my life...high school and college. So you'll understand why I'm so amped to do the 90's at Nine every weekday morning!

So many important things happened in the 90's, culturally, politically, musically, etc...some good and some not so good. Here is a humorous look at some of them there thangs (although I don't think Tang was a 90's thing).

Remember that right after the Bob & Tom Show, I provide you with an hour of commercial free 90's rock! I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is in my opinion the best hour of music all day long on 103GBF. Hopefully you'll be listening today to hear Collective Soul, Tonic, Bush, Matchbox 20 and a whole bunch more. I'm starting today off with the one-hit wonder "Closing Time" from Semisonc. Check out the video below, and join me for the 90's at Nine. Word!