Well its seems that the heat is putting the brakes on Independence Day celebrations in Evansville. City officials declared a State of Emergency in the city and put a ban on fireworks for 7 days.

Two days of record breaking heat not only caused pavement to buckle on Highway 41, but prompted city officials to ban fireworks in the city. This came a day after the fire chief said he wasn't going to place a ban on them.

It doesn't take a genius to see that almost everything in the city is kindling, ready to ignite. Coupled with winds, it could lead to a deadly situation if a fire were to start. Stores will be allowed to sell fireworks, but residents are told not to light them.

Evansville will join a list of counties and cities around the tri-state that are banning fireworks.

Officials say that the downtown fireworks show is still on, but that depends on wind conditions. Other cities around the area, and Holiday World, have already put their July 4th displays on hold.

So here is a video of some fireworks so hopefully you can cure that pyromaniac part of you.