Its full steam ahead on the construction of the new Evansville Arena. If you have been following the progress on Facebook, you're probably amazed at the pace this project has been going. We're the town that took 3 years to build a bridge over Pigeon Creek.

With the demolition of the Executive Inn's Parking Garage, and with the hotel itself coming down next week, we're all getting a pretty good idea of what downtown will look like once construction is completed. In fact, you can't turn a corner downtown without running in to some sort of construction. So would you like a little sneak peek at progress?

These are photos from the New Evansville Arena Project Facebook page. Today they included pictures of the new Evansville Aces's locker room. Here is what the Women's Locker room will look like:

On the flip side, here is the Men's Locker room:

The Evansville Icemen Locker Room is still a work in progress.

Take a look at those seats! 20 inches wide to support the fattest asses in America! And padded too? We're getting fancy now.

And lets finish with a look at the bowl itself. Personally I can't wait to see my first Damn Loud Rock Show there!

No opener has been set for the Stadium yet, although some officials have said it may be a University of Evansville exhibition game. The Purple Aces will kick off their season November 12th, 2011 at the new Arena, when they face Butler. Stay up to date with the progress of the new stadium, by following their page on Facebook!