There is no denying that the world of heavy music has made some significant changes over the past twenty years, most of which have been detrimental to the “sell your soul” philosophies of our downtuned forefathers, while the legends that remain keepers of the roundtable have their hearts eaten out everyday by the same rotten industry that they undoubtedly created.

Yet, thankfully there is a respectful underworld of heavy metal enthusiasts that still exist; a rare and loyal breed of headbanging soldiers with cult-like dedication and freakishly brutal chops that keeps the scavengers of the mainstream from getting too comfortable.

One band doing their part to keep the principles of the heavy metal religion alive is Nashville-based Chronicles of Submission, who is currently in the studio recording their debut album tentatively entitled “The Stringless Puppet.”

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to speak with Chronicles of Submission vocalist, Don Corn about his new project, and find out exactly what people can expect to see and hear from them in the near future. This is what Don had to say:
Hey brother! Well, will you look at this - after all these years, you're still grinding the axe of the music scene, while I have simply resorted to complaining and writing about it...mostly complaining. How in the hell do you stay motivated to continue to work on new projects?

Don Corn: Finding worthwhile projects, experimenting with different instruments, working with people you don't want kill on an everyday basis. But you know this crap works - you hit a wall, you tell yourself that you are done, you might even sell your sh*t, but in the end you are still a musician - can't change that.

Ironically, I have found that musicians are a lot like STDs: some come and go, while others stick around forever – talk about something you can’t change! Okay, seriously, Chronicles of Submission - tell me a little bit about how the band came about?

Don Corn: Our drummer, Scott Mincey, was one of the first people I met when I moved to Nashville. We practiced across the hall from each other. I was playing drums and we just hit it off. We would swap drum licks and try to match each other in skills -- almost a friendly competition without the attitude. Seeing that both of us were drummers, the option to play together was not there.

After years of bands, we were both in limbo, with nothing inspiring us to start something new. One night at Scott's studio, I asked to hear some of the music that he had written, and he whipped out a bunch of partial songs. Keep in mind, Scott is also a wicked guitar player. Instantly, I could hear this stuff being put together. We pieced together songs and parts, and I went to work on some lyrics. Not ever doing vocals before made it the biggest challenge I’ve probably ever had in music.

[The song] “Indoctrinate” came so fast, it was like we were spitting out bleach. After it was put together and recorded for demo, we slammed through the other four songs just as quick… Then we ran across Russ [Hudgins]. Russ has been playing guitar in the Nashville scene for a bit, and we knew he had the skill. He came in like gangbusters! Within a week, he was pulling everything off, and his attitude kind of sealed the deal for us. John [Hooper] came in to play bass on short notice, and was all over the songs already. His desire to be a part of the group was crazy. He pushed hard to make sure we knew he was the guy for this band. And he is!

Spitting out bleach? Hey, pal, I’ll do the writing here. Okay, so, while I was checking out your music on the Chronicles of Submission website, I noticed that the band is currently in the studio working on a record titled “The Stringless Puppet.” Will some or all of the songs featured on the website be on this recording, and when can we expect a release?

Don Corn: I would say that most, if not all, of the demo songs will be on it. They represent a lot of the styles that we want to bring into the total package. We cover a good amount of ground with the songs and want to continue that. We will never be a "death-metal" band, but will touch on aspects of it in some songs. We will never be a "radio-rock" band, but have parts that could be considered. The five demos and the three that are ready for recording, along with the 134,452 other songs we are working with, will definitely establish what we are about.

I heard that the band was accepted to be a part of the next Brutal Beatings compilation produced by the people at Sick Drummer Magazine. Can you tell me a little bit about how that all came about, what song the band plans to put on the compilation, and when can we expect it to be released?

Don Corn: Sick Drummer is a wicked-cool site for extreme drumming! Scott and I have been soaked into their page for a while, and kept seeing their compilation packages being put up. We listened to a bunch of the bands on there and decided that we needed to be on one of them. We sent some info to their people and surprisingly, they responded right back. They said we were right up their alley and asked what song we wanted to add to the comp. The song choice was a bit of a quandary. Being demo songs, we leaned towards the best production at first. Then we thought that maybe we should go more towards the songs that were the best representation of the drumming, seeing that it is Sick Drummer. A small debate ensued and we went with “Sleeping Through the Sirens.” It punches you in the face, right off, and really does let the drumming pull the song. As for the release date - I really don’t know this second. We are still finalizing the last bits of everything. Shouldn't be too long though.

With so much happening now with the new record and being featured on the Brutal Beatings compilation, what are the bands plans for doing live shows? Can we expect to see Chronicles of Submission doing some touring in 2013?

Don Corn: Live is the main reason we do any of this. The recording and press and such is just fluff for us. We just want to be on stage. The songs will speak for themselves once they are out. Like almost every metal band, it's all about the live performance. And what you hear on the cd/mp3/mp4/digital download, blah-blah-blah is exactly what you will hear live. We pride ourselves on bringing the same product live as we do in the studio. Just maybe a little more aggressive.

Ok, I'm sold - what will it take to get you boys to come to Evansville on the Fourth of July and play a top secret 103GBF Damn Loud Rock Show on Sandman's front lawn?

Don Corn: Gas Money!

Done deal! I’ll leave the cash underneath his welcome mat.

To find out more about Chronicles of Submission and listen to their music, click here.

Final Note from Chronicles of Submission’s Don Corn:

At one time, every band you have ever seen, heard, liked or hated was a local band – all of them, from Metallica to ZZ Top to The Oak Ridge Boys. If they wouldn’t have had any support, the likelihood of them becoming the world renowned super-groups that they eventually became would have been very low. Please spend the small amount of money it takes and go to a local show once in a while. We spend $5.00 to get a damned Starbucks coffee. We spend $10 (plus concessions) for a movie. The people that put on shows have dedicated most of their lives to their art. Show 'em some love. Thank you.