It's hard to believe that if you listen at all to 103GBF that you haven't heard us talking about this contest. We've been beating to death! Why? Cause it's a wicked awesome prize...a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Here's the deal...if you take about 60 seconds out of your day and register for this contest, you could be on your way out to Seattle to see one of the most iconic and influential bands from the 90' their hometown, the friggin' birthplace of grunge!

The winner gets airfare for two out to Seattle , hotel stay, tickets to the show, a meet and greet with Soundgarden and $500! Don't you think it's worth it? Sign up now. THE DEADLINE FOR THIS CONTEST IS 10:59PM ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 12TH.

And in case you needed more motivation, here's a video for one of my favorite Soundgarden songs. Enjoy!