Good question, as it exists in the minds of mainly conspiracy theorists. To say "exactly" what the NWO is has not been defined.  One thing it is not is the former pro wrestling team of tough guys that once included Hulk Hogan.

The reason I'm writing about the mysterious New World Order is because Paul Anthony Ciancia, the 23-year-old suspect in the mass shooting attack at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning, owned literature discussing a New World Order. The term is not associated with any known political groups, but has been a staple in anti-government conspiracy theories warning against the coming of a unified world government, or better term regime. It's been reported that authorities found a note at the scene of the shooting in which the suspect suggested he expected to die, ending with the letters “NWO.”

The New World Order is “generally accepted to be a conspiracy theory where people believe that there are elites out there forming some sort of special authoritarian government." You start talking about the New World Order, then you have to touch on the Illuminati, and if you've read Dan Brown's books The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons you already know a bit about that alleged secret organization.  If you really want to dig deep into the lore of the New World Order and the Illuminati then you might want to check out Pastor Pat Robertson's book The New World Order published in 1991, if you can get past the anti-semitic B.S. that he spouts.

All in all, my opinion is that the New World Order, Illuminati, etc ranks closely with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster in credibility rating.  Especially when you hear who is in the Illuminati these days.  Keep in mind the Illuminati is the group shaping the New World Order. Here's who is in the group these days according to this website - it may make you laugh, or make you upset, I felt both emotions. There are some controversial statements on this page and in this video.  They do not reflect my views nor the views of Townsquare Media.  It's interesting, but not necessarily factual.

Why Paul Anthony Ciancia shot up LAX and killed and maimed others most likely has less to do with the New World Order than his mental instability.