There are a couple of professional football games this might have heard about 'em.  I'm about to do my impression of the Bengals Offensive Coordinator and get all predictable!

NFC Championship - Green Bay at Chicago

Aaron Rodgers is on fire in the postseason and the Packers are hot at the right time.  They went into Atlanta, a team that had lost only once with Matt Ryan inside the Georgia Dome, and destroyed them.  The Bears are a little suspect considering their road to the NFC Championship meant beating an (8-9) Seattle Seahawks team at Solider Field.  They also posted an (11-5) regular season record against one of the easier schedules in the league.   One other thing to keep in mind is that these teams play each other twice a year.  They are more than familiar with their opponents tendencies, personnel, etc.

Should be a close game...I will go with:

Packers 23

Bears 17

AFC Championship - New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers

I will try and be objective but my unbridled hate for the Pittsburgh Steelers will make this seem like a homer pick.

If the Jets win this game, it will be one of the most impressive postseason runs in NFL history.  New York will have gone to Indianapolis (sorry Colts fans), New England and Pittsburgh on their road to Dallas.  One of those three aforementioned teams has represented the AFC in the last seven Super Bowls.  Since the 2001-2002 season, those teams have combined for six Super Bowl Championships (Colts 1, Patriots 3, Steelers 2).


Can the Jets do it again? They made the AFC Championship last year so they have been in this spot before.  Plus Bart Scott can do a pro wrestling style promo with the best of them.  That counts for something, right?

It is incredibly tough to go into Pittsburgh and win (unless you are New England) but the Jets did it roughly a month ago in the regular season.  I am hoping that history repeats itself.

Should be another great game with the result being:

New York Jets 24

Pittsburgh Steelers 21

Stock up the fridge, plant your butt on the couch and enjoy this Sunday!  Can't wait...