A couple of years back, Justin Bieber had no effect on my world at all. I work on a rock station and really didn't know much about him.  That was then...and since then, this little canuck has been getting on my nerves.  This is due to his brattiness displayed damn near every day on the national news.  I could list the stupid sh*t this kid has done, but we don't have the space here for it.  Instead of hearing about him being such a jerk, let's get rid of him.  He is not a U.S. citizen, so I hope that you'll consider signing the White House petition to send his trouble-making, juvenile delinquent ass back up north.

The official petition reads like this...

Look how many Americans are sick of him as I am.  Almost 190,000.  Sign it if you feel as strongly as I do about the Biebs.  It's my ultimate hope that this can teach him, and his parents who 'allegedly' assist him is his prescription drug use and drag racing on the streets of South Beach, to wise up and get on the right path.

Sign the petition by creating an account here.  If you're an anti-government type that thinks this info will be used against you, then don't bother.  That's a whole different blog.