Local newscasters were forced to report about the Busybody's new sign... Free Blow Job with Any Lap Dance. How scandalous! Are they running a brothel?

It took the very clean mind of one of our interns to realize they were talking about a blow job shot and not the real deal. If you aren't familiar with a blow job shot, it's a shot with a whip cream head that you are not allowed to use your hands when drinking.

The sign was taken down only hours after it's arrival but kudos to a entrepreneurial business owner or manager for the creativity. I'll bet there were a lot of broken hearts that night.

In any event, I fully expect to see a clip of this in the new Ron Burgundy movie due out later this month.

The irony of it all? Either way the sign is taken, it's illegal. You can't give away free drinks in the State of Indiana.