So why is it I can never go to any establishment without something happening? Most people can walk in to a store, pick out what they want, pay for it, and walk out.

Not me. For instance, I went to purchase some 2 Liters. Go figure that only one checkout is open, someone is being arrested for shoplifting, and the old lady at the front of the line is counting change and buying lotto.

Aside from that, the parking lot of the place is littered with open pregnancy test boxes and I'm pretty sure someone was trying to steal my hubcap. I guess someone wasn't sure of their impending child, but they wanted to steal a cheap plastic Chevy hubcap to make a few dollars.

Why can't more places have websites, where delivery is free, and you don't have to deal with anything other than paying the delivery dude. But while we're taking a visit to Perfectland, lets make Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman my wives. Hey, its my Perfectland.

So have you ever had an experience at the store, that makes you never want to shop again?