I love to write, and I love to wreite about my passions. Some of those are women, music, movies, community, art and the art of tattooing. Thus, I will once or twice a month feature an excellent local tattoo artist. I will try and be fair and feature those who deserve featuring. No scratchers or guys who tattoo from their kitchen allowed. To start with, it's Shane Klos from Revolution Ink. Shane haas aonly tattooed me once before, but I check his facebook page all the time to see what he's been up to and check out his amazing work. I asked Shane to write a little bit about himself for this feature. I've also posted about a dozen pieces of what Shane considers some of his favorite work!

"Well my Name is Shane Klos, I'm 22 years old and have been tattooing for 2 years. I work at Revolution Ink.

My Influences are Grime, Russ Abbott, Nick Baxter, Guy Aitchison, tons of others, and am always open to and experiencing new techniques. I'm very new to the tattoo scene and Im very excited for years to come.

Tattooing is really one of the last craftsmanships out there and takes precision and patiences. Its Probably one of the most Fun and exciting thing, yet one of the most difficult and stressful.

A lot of people don't know what a tattoo artist really goes through, its like another world/mindset.

This is how i view tattooing. not saying its right or wrong or how everybody is suppose to view it.

Why do we get tattooed?

There endless amounts of reasons why people get tattooed. death of a friend or family member, sobriety, self esteem issues, tattoo collecting, just because you want a tattoo and think they are cool, or maybe you just want to know what the experience is like. and there are a lot more reasons than that even. A Tattoo Artist has to filter each one of these reasons. Tattooing is stressful as it is technically, but then when you add on the reason for the tattoo its way more intense. you want their experience to be awesome because even though you may not remember their name or doing their tattoo because it was a simple kanji sign doesn't mean that they wont. 90% of our clients remember our name, face, the music that was playing, the conversation we had and the temperature outside.

I take tattooing very seriously. Its a state of meditation and a deep connection through two people.

take acupuncture for example. thats ONE needle in the skin affecting someones self. Tattooing consists of MULTIPLE Needles penetrating the skin. What do you think is going one then?

Tattooing is a form of therapy in this sense.

Its almost how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go with it? You can stop at "i just tattoo and thats it", but i feel when you start looking at all the things that we do during a tattoo and how we affect people its more than that.

I love my Lifestyle, all the opportunities i have, and all the beautiful people i meet in a days time.

Thank you to all my Family, Friends, And All my Clients"