This dude, who is referred to as the "Man at Arms," is pretty much one of the manliest men on the planet. Why? Cause he can take a chunk of metal and turn it in to a beautiful and deadly piece of weaponry. He has recreated several iconic weapons from the world of TV, movies and video games. In honor of today's holiday, I thought I'd share a video of him creating the weapon of choice for one of Hollywood's most legendary serial killers - Michael Myers' bowie knife.

Now you might be thinking that Michael used a kitchen butcher knife and not a bowie knife - at least that what I thought. Then I realized that he is creating the knife used in the Rob Zombie version of Halloween II. Still a bit skeptical? I was too...until I realized that this dude created the actual knife that was used in the movie. That's enough credibility for me.

If you thought Michael Myers was a scary character before...just imagine a psycho like that wielding this monstrous knife. Not that is scary!