The way I try to approach movies (most of the time) is to view it as a chance to suspend reality for a couple hours. I just want to be entertained. I try not to over think things too much, and to not question the plausibility of the plot. In other words…it’s just a movie, chill out! But in this case, I’m glad someone decided to show us what reality might actually look like.

More than most genres, super hero movies are a really easy target if you’re looking for something to pick apart. Secret identities…can you really NOT tell that Clark Kent is Superman? If the Hulk is as big as we’re made to believe, there is NO WAY his pants would stay on during (or after) the transformation. Those are just two that instantly come to mind. But we let these things get a pass because we really don’t (or shouldn’t) care. Is it a good flick? Good enough for me.

But how different would a super hero look if we were presented with a scientifically accurate version? Luckily for us, the folks at Animation Domination decided to answer that question about Spider-Man. He certainly would not be the wacky, wise-cracking Peter Parker that we have become so familiar with. The fact is, he’d be downright frightening. See for yourself in the hilarious video below.