Every Friday from 2p-5p, it's "WTF Friday" with me on 103GBF! It's your invitation to call in at 1-888-900-WGBF and tell me what pisses you off...in other words, what makes you say WTF?

I have a few things on my mind today that would qualify as a WTF. There are actually more than a few, so I figured I'd put the thoughts down in writing.

Some of my stressors are stupid, every day crap.

***I seem to misplace my keys a lot. I hate that, don't you?

***environmental stressors like overcrowding or when a room is too warm and there's no air movement. Damn!

***Traffic! One thing I really hate is when I'm approaching an intersection and a car coming from the opposite direction turns left right in front of me. I look back in my rearview mirror and there's not a car behind me in sight. Why didn't that a$$hole wait until I passes before they turned, instead of risking an accident.

***More traffic stuff. Merging. Merge means mix into the flow of traffic, stop and sit until it's clear. Make it happen!

***Don't get me started on scooters.  Make them have a license and insurance.  They go as fast as the speed limit allows on surface roads, and often cause accidents.  When that happens, who pays for it?   Not the guy who's riding a scooter because he's had 4 DUI's, that's for sure.

***People who I haven't talked to in years that call me or message me to be all buddy-buddy before they kit me up for tickets to a concert that's coming to town. Even worse, is when it's a non-rock concert...like country or Top 40...something I would have no access to in the first place.

***Workplace stressors. This is something I cause for myself because I am very dedicated to doing my very best all the time, whether it be on air, doing commercials, doing the Loudwire show or blogging as I am now. I want you you to expect the best from me everyday. You are the customer, and you are choosing something free and available to everyone, but something that is not a necessity. You choose to listen, you choose to go to our website an Facebook and you should always get better than you bargained for.

I love my job. It can be demanding. I don't just walk in the building at 2pm and go on the air. I get here at 8am and work all day, much like you probably do. So when I'm on the air each day from 2p-7p and I thank you for listening, I mean it sincerely. Without you, I would be doing God-knows-what for a living!

Get ready with your bitching for "WTF Friday". I look forward to hearing from you!