Some of my early teenage memories were forged at area drive-in theaters.  This old city alone used to have The Evansville Drive-in, The Family Drive-in, The Westside Drive-in, The Sunset Drive-in, The Mt.Vernon Drive-in, The Starlight Drive-in (Henderson! Best chicken!!) and the only remaining one in the area that still operates regularly, the Holiday Drive-in in REO, Indiana.  Here's a great list of drive-in's open, and closed.

Anyway, I digress. I saw many great and awful horror movies at the drive-in that helped to forge my love of Grade B, low budget horror movies. Here's a few from that era of my life I'd like to share during this Halloween season.

1972 "Last House On The Left"  Very early Wes Craven

1977 "The Hills Have Eyes"  More early Wes Craven

1874 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre   Nothing beats the original

1978  Dawn Of The Dead    Again, the original is best...after all it's George A Romero

1979 Zombie by Lucio Fulci  Very gory movie and an underwater zombie fights a shark.

1980 City of the Walking Dead aka Nightmare City by Umberto Lenzi

See what Quentin Tarantino has to say about Umberto Lenzi's zombie movie