I would like to introduce you to... the ashes of my grandfather. Just kidding! I was actually digging around the house this past weekend and ran across this little jar of rainbow sand. To anyone else, this little jar means pretty much nothing but to me, it means the world.

During my tenure in radio, I have received platinum album awards that hang in my office, I have autographed memorabilia from some of the world's top artists and I have lived a life full of memories and experiences that few can compare with. But all that pales in comparison than what this little jar of sand means to me.

I was not raised by my biological parents; I was raised by my grandparents. Though they provided a great childhood to me and were always supportive, they weren't my real mom and dad. I vowed that when I had a child of my own, I would be the best parent I could be and always make sure they knew how much they were loved and wanted.

I have only one child, Kelcey, who by default gets all her old man's love and attention. From the time she was born, I have tried my best to keep every memento we have together so that I don't forget any detail of our time together.  I have saved every craft she made for me in school, every movie and live event ticket we have been to and every photo we have taken together. She made this craft when she was in the second grade at Dexter Elementary. She was only about seven-years-old at the time so she had no idea about my radio persona or nickname "The Sandman" - she was just a little girl, who dedicated her day's hard work to her daddy.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the collection but this small jar of sand represents a lifetime of memories that I love reliving. It also helps me feel close to her when I can't be with her. Now there are two Sanders girls in my life - Kelcey (KSand) has a daughter of her own, Lyric. I have a whole new generation of collecting, spoiling and loving to tackle!