Think you've got the chops to be on the radio? Want to be interviewed by the Sandman? Could you seriously have your own reality show?

The Sandman is looking for interesting local people to interview on air and be in the new video series: The Coolest Guy I Know.

If you or someone you know does one of the below jobs or has an equally interesting job or life, fill out the form. We are looking for both men and women to feature on GBF. And if you sign your buddy up, please tell him or her before we call them and make complete tools of ourselves.

  • A cop
  • A stripper
  • An ER doc
  • A minor or major league sports player
  • A porn star
  • A lawyer
  • A roadie
  • A forensics guy
  • A legendary bartender
  • A millionaire
  • A "professional" traveler

The Coolest Guy I Know

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