Running on to the field during a sporting event.  I don't get the mindset. What inspires someone to engage in such an activity?

Perhaps the conversation prior to said event goes a little something like this:

Chad: Bro, I'm totally going to run on to the field.  Cindy will totally want me after I do it.

Brad: Bra...I think she would love it.  How can she not be turned on by you running around, semi-naked only to be (tackled) (tased) (both) by a bunch of overweight security dudes?

Chad: Yeah...I'm going to do it.  Plus, I will have a record.  Should help me get that job I applied for.

Brad: Totally.

*Chad jumps on field and is out of breath and arrested in :37 seconds*

I don't condone such behavior but it sometimes has hilarious results.  Plus this montage uses Bad Religion's 'A Walk'...which is always going to get pub from me.