I have had my share of hangovers, not so much anymore since my party years are now behind me. I always had things that I would do when I had a pounding headache or felt pukey. As my mom would call it, "The Brown Bottle Flu."

There isn't one thing that will fix your hangover unfortunately you have to live with what you put your body through the night before. I would always get jealous of my friends that could drink all night, then wake up and feel great! I wasn't so lucky to be blessed with the ability to not get hangovers.

Here are my 5 hangover remedies:

1. Lots of water! Make sure you take a bottle to bed with you. Gatorade will work just as well if you don't really like water.

2. Lots of sleep. Best thing you can do for a hangover is sleep. Now, if you get pukin' drunk sleep can be sometimes hard. But the more sleep you get the better you feel!

3. Food. I really don't know why but Hardee's ALWAYS made me feel better. A thick burger and curly fries! Sometimes I would have me a Chicken Bacon Ranch from Subway. Just depends on what kinda drunk I got.

4. Aspirin or ibuprofen. This will kill your headache.

5. A nice HOT shower. Not only will you smell better but you will also feel better!

As I have gotten older the hangovers last for days instead of hours. I used to be able to go for days partying but not so much anymore. I have givin' up my party days so I figured I should pass on my hangover remedies to someone that could use them!