I truly love Photographs and the stories they tell.  Partly because you have a factual documentation of an image in time combined with whatever your own imagination and thoughts factor in.  Interpretation...I guess that's what I like the most.

I do a lot of research looking for cool images to share.  Because of copyrights, etc I have to be careful what I choose to use.  In this  case however, all the photos are of public domain.  Meaning , they are old enough and well traveled enough that there is no stipulation on useage.

I get historical photos from sources like wikipedia commons, public domain photos, stock exchange and U.S. Government Graphics and Photos.

You'll see things like Japan's War Tubas, Einstein Bringin' Sexy Back, The First Aerial Photo, The First Wartime Photo, The First Prosthetic Legs, Frank Sinatra Meets Lou Gehrig, A Young Boris Yeltsin And His Friends (Who have all disappeared over the years), Dinosaurs On Their Way To The New York World Fair, The Destruction Cause By The Luftwaffe, First Chimp In Space, Aboard The First Submarine, The Opening Of DisneyLand, Pearl Harbor, The Ban On Sweets Being Lifted After WW2, The Colors of The Titanic Scraped Onto The Iceberg it Struck, A Lion In a Sidecar On The Wall Of Death at The World;s Fair and more.

Check out this gallery for some timeless images.

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