Next Thursday through Saturday August 4th through the 6th is  the 50th anniversary of Germania Mannechor's Volksfest.  If you've never been, it's one helluva party eacxh night, with plenty of beer, brats and live music.  That kinda stuff goes really well with Evansville's decidedly German heritage.   I have been going to Volksfest since I turned 21, and have even taken part in the celebrity bratwurst tossing contest a few occasion.   It's certainly one skill I have not mastered.   The festival also utilizes the historic Germania Mannerchor building which is complete with a Rathskeller, Festhalle. and outdoor beer garden.  Volksfest is true old school old school in fact thay they don't even have a website.    Just head over to Fulton and Maryland streets next Thursday through Saturday and have a sample of German style partying for yourself!