Since I'm a fella with an abundance of body hair (everywhere), this video hits close to home. know what...the more I think about it, this video doesn't really apply to me at all. There are two reasons. Let me explain.

1) The average guy, with the average amount of body hair can decide to shave his pubes if he wants. He has the flexibility to can trim 'em really close or just completely shave them off. I guy like me, with a bunch of growth all over the place, does not have that luxury. Ya' see, it would even more ridiculous if I were to completely shave. Imagine a guy with a decent head of hair, but a big bald spot in the middle. It just wouldn't look right. So my only option is to try and manage it by simply trimming. Let me just say, it's tough to be me.

2) The entire previous paragraph is actually a moot point...because I'm married with two kids. Translation: nobody (most of all my wife) cares what kind of grooming I have down there.

So I can grow my 'fro as much as I want during the month of Pubetober. Viva la revolucion!