This, is Julia Roberts. You may have had to suffer through a number of her films thanks to certain females. For instance, I was made to believe that Pretty Woman was about a prostitute. None of that Rom Com crap was ever brought up.

Now, meet Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic. This friendly 56 year old man is employed as a bus driver. He also just so happens to have Julia Robert's face tattooed on his body 19 times. Yeah, that one time I suffered through Pretty Woman, this guy suffers 19 times every day.

According to , Bukovic doesn't seem to mind all his tattoos. In fact, he plans to keep getting the actress's image on his body as many times as he can. Skin space and money, play a factor.

So where are all the bad tats in the Tri-State? Come on, I know someone out there has one.