There are all kinds of pains in life - physical, mental, emotional... including Frank Pain, who heads up Rock 108, a Loudwire station in Abilene, Texas. And believe me, Frank is a real pain. But seriously, in honor of the Deaconess Men's Health topic this afternoon, pain management, I want to know: what's your worst pain?

My worst pain is finances. Currently, we are in the process of buying a house. My daughter Kelcey just had a baby and moved into her own place for the first time so we are trying to help out with that. Being a daddy and a husband is a huge financial drain on me and "drain" rhymes with "pain." Plus, being a runner my knees have taken a beating over the years and that's a whole different kind of pain.

So what kind of pain are you experiencing? I hear mothers-in-law, signifiant others, manual labor, government shutdowns and a Colts loss will all cause you pain. Call me at 1-888-900-WGBF or leave a message on our Facebook page to share your painful story and I'll work on providing you relief.