Today's Phone Topic is: What's your favorite bar memory?

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So, what's my favorite bar memory? Well, a good part of my early adulthood was spent in bars - either working for the radio station doing promotions or as a DJ at the now defunct Funky's nightclub, which sat where the parking lot of Le Merigot parking lot is now.

Funky's was a huge club that could hold in excess of 2,000 people at one time. It had a band side and a dance room  which was separated by a revolving door.

During my time spend at Funky's, either working or partying, I met tons of girls and saw many great bands. Towards the end of that club's era we would have bands like White Zombie come in and play in front of 50 people for $10 a person.

My favorite memory of Funky's - I was in a band as this time as well and our band was invited to to open for the legendary classic rock band Rare Earth. They were all original members at the time and we had just acquired a new singer for our band. I'm pretty sure that night we stunk it up while Rare Earth killed it. But I really cut my teeth on partying, socializing and womanizing during the 80s and even into the early 90s at Funky's.

On a side note, I'm sure many of tri-state Generation X and Yers can thank their very existence to Funky's, including our own weekend chic, Jade and my daughter K-Sand. I met my ex-wife at Funky's. She was a bartender and I was the DJ. She was hot and just turned 21 and we struck up a lust-affair. But thanks to those days I have a beautiful daughter and a whole lot of beautiful memories!

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