Farts are funny. More funny for the person letting the fart than the person or persons subjected to the oncoming funk.

Everybody farts though. Kids call them 'toots', chicks call them 'love puffs" and us disgusting men who seem proud of a good fart use names like aerosolized stool, air biscuit, anal acoustics, Arkansas barking spider or ass flapper among other stinky adjectives.

Today on "Phone Topic Tuesday" sponsored by iphonetodd.com, I want to know "What’s the worst place you’ve ever farted – and got busted"

I was in 5th grade at a small parochial school.  About 20 kids per class.  We were all sitting or laying around during art class doing water color painting.  I was laying on the floor and my firend at the time David was sitting in a chair next to me.  He reached down and tickled me and I let go a weapon of ass destruction that shattered the classroom silence like a sonic boom.  I was, needless to say, red-faced and embarrassed.

So what's your story?  "What’s the worst place you’ve ever farted – and got busted".  Tell me about it today on Phone Topic Tuesday between 2 and 5pm at 1-888-900-WGBF!