With the recent airing of "Sharkanado" on SyFy,  I felt like I was watching a pretty good "Bad" movie, y'know?  And now that SyFy has announced a deal to make Syfy is Updating 'The Wizard of Oz' With Help From the Director of 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter', they have solidified themselves as the home of crappy, original films...or perhaps this merely ties them with the Lifetime Network.

There are two types of bad movies however...intentionally bad, like "Sharkanado", "Snakes On A Plane", "Super Zombie Ninja Attack 4" or "Last Action Hero".  OR "bad -when- they- were- trying- to- make- a- good- movie" bad.   Like "Roadhouse", "Hard To Kill" or "My Super Psycho Sweet 16" which I have a clip of below.

Either way ya slice it, there are more bad films than good ones, but which of the bad is the best?  That's today's "Phone Topic Tuesday"  sponsored by iphonetodd.com.  tune in and call in after 2pm today to 1-888-900-WGBF