I love movies! Anyone that knows me can tell you that. And like you, I've seen my share of bad movies in my day. There are 'bad' movies that are 'good', like "Roadhouse" for instance. Everybody has seen it, and it is universally considered to be one of the best-bad movies ever made. Then there's just bad...stinkin'...crappy movies. I've posted a few trailers below of what I consider to be a few of the real rotten apples in the basket.

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Showgirls. Elizabeth Berkeley is really hot, but not hot enough to carry a movie

Bio-Dome. Any Pauly Shore movie stinks. Plus we had him in the studio a few years ago and he was a jackass!

Freddy Got Fingered. Neither the double meaning title nor the thankfully short lived career of Tom Green could make this any funnier than a funeral