The 92nd Annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival kicks off full tilt on Monday. From Wabash Avenue of Flags to St.Joe Avenue, West Franklin Street will be full of something for everyone. 103GBF will be in our usual spot right in front of the Gerst Haus near the midway. The Fall Fest draws people from all around, reaching beyond Evansville's population to towns and communities within the tri-state.

Of course there's something for darn near everyone to enjoy at The 92nd Annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, but what is it that YOU enjoy most? That's today's "Phone Topic Tuesday" subject.

Do you go for the food?  What food?  Do you get the same thing each year or experiment with new items?

Do you go to ride rides with the kids or go just to people watch?   Do you attend events like The Lighthouse Parade and The Pet Parade...or the main Fall Fest Parade on the last night of the weeklong festival?

I want to know about what brings YOU to the 92nd Annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival.  Call me after 2pm today and get on the air for "Phone Topic Tuesday" at 1-888-900-WGBF.