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It's an old, undying tradition...The New Year's Resolution.  With the New Year comes the time to start new, to start fresh, to rid yourself of some negative aspect of your life. Maybe you resolved to quit smoking, to lose weight, or to say the word F**k less in the New Year.  Mine personally is to shed some pounds.  As I'm writing this I just got back from the orthopaedic surgeon about my knee.  I had surgery on my right one in 2009, now it looks like it time for the same for the left knee.  I'll have an MRI Thursday and ind out for sure.  Once that picture is clear, I'll figure out the timetable for my weight loss plans, for as I've gotten older, my knees have gotten worse affecting my workouts and my inability to maintain a weight I'm comfortable with.

That's my story...what's yours?  Call in today for Phone Topic Tuesday: and chime in on today's subject "What Was Your New Year's Resolution And Are You Keeping It?"   The number to call is 1-888-900-WGBF.