Phone Topic Tuesday is on from 2-5 today sponsored by Here's the subject..."What Was Your First Car?"

Now before I put this on the air, I check around the office and ask co-workers that they think of the idea, and what their response is.

First comment was "Do you mean the first car I owned, or the first car I drove which happened to be my parents car?"

To clarify, the first car that you could call 'YOURS".

For me, I bought a 1960 Chevy Impala from my classmate Mark Reid. It had a three on the tree, so I learned how to operate a manual transmission early. Plus it was 1976, when there was virtually nothing on the FM dial of local radio. I has an AM radio, with 6 Bass 48 speakers, also an under dash 8 track player. I bought it for $89, and the transmission went out within a year. Thanks Mark! It looked something like this.

Bobby G had a 1991 Cutlass Calais as his first car...

And Ryan O'Bryan from KISS FM had a 1976 Jeep CJ7 as his first...

My second car is worth noting, as it wasn't even produced in America, and rarely driven here. A Ford Cortina. Once I found it impossible to get parts for, I ditched it.

So, what was YOUR first ride? Call into Phone Topic Tuesday today after 2pm at 1-888-9009-WGBF. or comment below.