Ah, don't ya hate it when you're out on the town, and you're getting ready to head from one place to another, but ya gotta pee so bad that you just go between cars in the parking lot. Or maybe you've been out on a run, and the urge came over you, so you ducked into the bushes of someone's house to go.

That's our silly topic today on Phone Topic Tuesday sponsored by iphonetodd.com..."What is the Strangest Place You've Used as a Bathroom?"

For us guys, we'll go just about anywhere, while the ladies seem to be more discriminating.

I will say this.  Back in the day, when there; A) used to be telephone booths and B) I drank a whole lot...I can remember taking a tinkle in a telephone booth somewhere.

So what about you...Ever peed off a hotel balcony or dropped a deuce somewhere weird?

"What is the Strangest Place You've Used As A Bathroom?"  Call in after 2pm to 1-888-900-WGBF or post comments below.