Today from 2-5pm on "Phone Topic Tuesday", sponsored by, We're gonna talk about your "Beacon Moment" as they call it.  The moment you drank the poison and got hooked on rock.  It might have been a song you heard on the radio as a youngster, your big brother playing his albums,  being somewhere with your parents and a band was playing, or flipping through the channels and coming across MTV back when they played rock videos (or any videos!).  The point is, what made you the rocker you are today?

For me, I was at my cousin Phil's house for the afternoon.  He went outside to cut grass and I started flipping through his 45 RPM singles in his giant old Magnavox stereo console.

One in particular caught my eye...a band called Steppenwolf.  It was a special edition 45 double sided single with "Born To Be Wild" on one side and "Magic Carpet Ride" on the other.  I played both sides of that 45 over and over until my cousin came back in and told me something to the effect of "Leave My S**t Alone, Kid!"

Too late...I was hooked.

A few years later followed an addiction to the band KISS, followed by my friend telling me "That Band Is Crap.  Listen to This!"

Led Zeppelin II.

I had to have more...and that's the beginning of the story that leads me to today and 33 years in rock radio.

So, What Go You Hooked?  Comment below, or call in after 2pm today to 888-900-WGBF.