I'm gonna guess that I'll get more replies from guys that girls on this one...

Today's subject for Phone Topic Tuesday is: What Do You Read While Dropping a Deuce?   Personal?  Yes!  TMI?  So what, it's all in fun and when you call in you're as anonymous as you want to be. Here Bobby G and I from the 103GBF Youtube channel talk about today's subject.

Phone Topic Tuesday is on from 2p-5p today, and you can call in at 1-888-900-WGBF or post on the 103GBF Facebook Page here.

Here's some of our favorite answers from our Facebook page:

Joe Hodgesdodges Hodges The deuce droppers guide to the galaxy.. Well i use to read all my car magazines such as carcraft.. But now I just catch up on Facebook & whatnot.. Can you guess what im doing right now? Ewww

Jon Boehman The Chive

Jeffrey Osborne I just take selfies

Slim Wagz usually facebook, or scores, or conspiracy theory websites aka liberal news feeds lol