It's Spring Break for many students around the tri-state. It's traditionally a time for those of driving age or older to head to somewhere warm and wonderful in the southern part of the United States. Whether it be Daytona Beach, Fort Myers, South Padre Island, Gulf Shores or God forbid, maybe just staying at home and hanging out, I'd love to hear your Spring Break stories today on "Phone Topic Tuesday" from 2p-5p sponsored by Think back upon the Spring Breaks of your past. Bet there was some extremely great times or perhaps everything spiraled down into a mess. Whatever it is, I wanna hear it. So call me after 2pm today at 1-888-900-WGBF or post your comments below.

I've included a couple of movies on the subject. The new film "Spring Breakers" and the chessy 80's movie "Spring Break USA"! Enjoy!