Here's to Beer! A beverage enjoyed by millions throughout the world. No two beers taste alike. Some like domestics, some like imports, some craft beers and others good old made in the U.S.A brands.

Some people will drink any kind of beer, while others stand steadfast with their favorite brand.

Here's a paragraph from Wikipedia about Beer'

"Beer is an alcoholic beverage produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar. The starch and saccharification enzymes are often derived from malted cereal grains, most commonly malted barley and malted wheat. Most beer is also flavored with hops, which add bitterness and act as a natural preservative, though other flavorings such as herbs or fruit may occasionally be included. The preparation of beer is called brewing.

Beer is the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage; it is the third-most popular drink overall, after water and tea. It is thought by some to be the oldest fermented beverage.

So today from 2p-5p on "Phone Topic Tuesday" sponsored by, I'll be asking you to call in and tell me what kind of beer drinker you are, faithful to one brand or adventurous and willing to sample craft and import beers, and what brand, if any, you enjoy the most.   My number is 1-888-900-WGBF, or you can post your comment below.