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Here's today's subject...

"Have You Ever Dated Someone You Work With?"

Did you try and keep it on the down-low?

Is that allowed where you work? Did it matter, and you did it anyway"

Ever have sex at work with that person?

When/If you broke up, would you still want to work there, or...

No secret can be kept forever. There is always that one chance encounter with a colleague you can't avoid. And then it's all over. ''You'll never guess who I just saw together at lunch.''


I have dated a couple of girls I worked with in the past.

They were both redheads. That's just by coincidence.

The first girl was on air on a sister station. When we broke up, another co-worker immediately swooped in and began dating her. They got married...they both got fired...then they got divorced. Neither one is in radio any longer.

The second girl I dated whom I worked with was in the sales department. For whatever reason, it just didn't grow beyond hanging out and having sex. That was ok with me, but apparently not with her!

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